Anti-harassment laws

For decades the world continues to observe Labour Day every year with reaffirmed commitments and revived spirits. However, the fact remains that exploitation has always been there in different forms. Wages may be the foremost concern but one can never underestimate the significance of dignified work that is bitterly compromised by the manifestations like Gender Based Violence (GBV) and harassment in the workplace. The Government of Pakistan has taken significant positive steps in recent years to promote gender-friendly laws that have improved the opportunities and protection for women.
Given the prevailing conditions in the world of work there is a strong need for a positive and progressive ILO Convention to protect women and men from violence and harassment not only in formal sector of economy but also in the informal sectors such as home-based workers, domestic workers, agriculture workers, brick kiln workers and value chain workers who are especially at risk and vulnerable to violence. This is important for economic development because a productive workforce is only possible when employees feel safe from harassment. The Go introduced the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010. As such, Pakistan is very well positioned to offer its support and expertise at the global level to encourage other states to take similar measures. As such, this ILO Convention is well aligned to our existing national priorities and will help us safeguard both men and women in their workplaces.
With its vision for a Pakistan of hope, well-being and social justice, Care Pakistan is working with government, private sector and civil society to support implementing such ILO Conventions that will help our people. Our efforts are touching every segment of the state as well as the society and the media to generate national support for the ILO Convention at the International Labour Conference in June 2018. Whether you are a public servant or a trade unionist, an employer or a media person, we invite every Pakistani to be part of this noble cause that will not only result in a more just and dignified workplace for all, but also encourage more women to join the workforce without any fear of GBV and harassment.
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