Gwadar development


Asim Munir

Gwadar Port, having a great potential to cater to import and export activity from Central Asia to the Middle East, has since become functional. It is going to benefit not only China and Pakistan but also Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asian States, ME. Even other regions will also be taking advantage of this important port under umbrella of CPEC which is going to make a great impact on the eastern region within the next few years.
Keeping in view increasing trading activity and requirements and needs of prospective investors after Gwadar Port has come into limelight and due to its vast scope of imports and export from China to other parts of the world, the Federal Govt and Balochistan Govt have also unveiled plans for the development of Gwadar City. Construction of an international airport at Gwadar is among many development projects under the aegis of CPEC which will internationalize this city with a vision to make it an international hub of economic activity. A power plant of 300 megawatt is already being constructed to provide electricity to city.
According to details available, land has already been allocated for Gwadar Free Trade Zone, concessions have been announced for Gwadar Port and Free Trade Zone in Balochistan. Besides, projects of Exclusive Industrial Park Processing Zone and Mineral Economic Zone are also being executed and another project is under implementation at a huge cost of Rs 25 billion for the development of Gwadar City, keeping in view its gradually growing importance. All these and much more development activities will obviously also help in tackling the problem of unemployment not only in the backward province of Balochistan but also whole of Pakistan will get benefit.