Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema’s book ‘Do Tok’ launched

Salim Ahmed


On the unveiling ceremony of Chairman of NAVTTC and ex Inspector General Police Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema’s book “Do Tok” orators said that Zulfiqar Cheema has applied rule and law in worst of times, he is and enlightened and an upright civil servant, who is a role model for newly recruited civil officers. Ceremony was hosted by renowned poetess Sofia Baidar.
President of the ceremony ex Chief Justice of Lahore High court Allah Nawaz said that the writer’s big brother Justice Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema’s honesty was also exemplary, all of his brothers are righteous that is why he had read his book four times and even then, he wants to read it again. He also said that Mr Cheema has written this book with zeal. Reality is that a word does not have any power only when the people and society become united. Everyone should read this book and apply its pieces of advice in real life.
Senior Journalist Mudeer Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami said that wherever Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema went he brought change, he improved every department. This ability of his is not common and is a special gift from Almighty Allah. Generally, the age of columns is short but the columns written by him are being read again and again and they are a guiding star for politics, journalism and civil services. He has this ability and bravery that he can point out the mistakes of Chief justices, Army Chiefs and even Prime Ministers, just because he is an upright person and has love for the mother land.
Renowned poet and play writer Amjad Islam Amjad said that the imagery created by his writings is accordance with the writer. He is that kind of officer that his enemies also give testimony about his truthfulness and character. After earning a good name for himself in POLICE as a column writer and intellectual Zulfiqar Cheema’s abilities amaze us all. His columns had painted a deep and thoughtful imagery, which are written with utmost care.
Ex Vice Chancellor of Government College University Lahore Professor Khalleeq Ur Rehman said that his affinity is with science, but Mr Cheema’s book is so simple and interesting that I was compelled to read it. Ex Secretary Communication Mansoor Suhail said that this book of his show the love that he has for his country. He said that he was the member of F.P.S.C and all the candidates of CSS consider him a role model. He is a role model for whole of the civil services. We need men like him to bring a positive change in the society. Do tokconsiders the different aspects of life. His writings remind us of Patras Bukhari and Shafeeq Ur Rehman.
Chief Editor of Nawa e WaqtDilawar Chaudhary said that Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema has given respect to POLICE department and now after joining Journalism he has uplifted it at a new level. Grandson of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Waleed Iqbal said that his book’s teaching is similar to Iqbal’s. He has written a beautiful book. He wrote that his father has advised them about wrong and write. Mr Cheema is following the teachings of Iqbal which he advised 100 years ago.
Senior BureaucratCaptain Atta Muhammad said that composition like that of Zulfiqar Cheema is not in the market. Dr. Amjad Saqib said that Mr Cheema’s personality is that of a friend, a Police officer, writer, intellectual and a patriotic. We all are familiar with his bravery and truthfulness. His book is fluent and tells us about the past and also tells us to dream the bright future. I was amazed to see people like Mr Cheema in this society. And then his book answered this questionof mine that his father was the role model for him.
Ex C.P.O Chaudhary Shafeeq said that his writings and doings have no difference. In all of my meetings with Mr Cheema, he always said to improve the condition of the country. I have not seen any officer like him, that is why people make him their ideal. Famous Column writer Lateef Chaudhary said that as an editor praising a column writer is a difficult task, but Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema is such a good writer that I cannot help praising his work.

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