Zardari’s wise decision

PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari has done well by directing provincial government of his party in Sindh to review repeal of the accountability law in the province. While giving the direction, he pointed out that the repeal has given rise to controversies and PPP being a federal party should review the move.
There was universal opposition to the move by the Sindh government for repealing a federal law through the provincial assembly. The initiative was resisted by the Sindh Governor but the provincial government was adamant and got it passed against from the provincial legislature. Accountability has become a buzzword these days and there is greater awareness throughout the length and breadth of the country that we cannot move ahead without addressing the challenge squarely. This is particularly important in the context of unending reports and complaints of corruption and corrupt practices in different departments of Sindh. There had been arrests and investigations and it was believed that the PPP decided to clip the wings of NAB in the province to escape accountability. There is no logic in opposing accountability and instead the provincial government itself should have volunteered measures that would help root out the menace of corruption. Credit would go to the PPP if there is good governance in the province and that would also mean judicious utilization of the taxpayers’ money. We hope the provincial government would reverse the decision as soon as possible as it has brought more harm to the party than any benefit.

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