Zardari’s wise counselling

AFTER a long time, former President Asif Ali Zardari, on Friday, spoke as a national leader should, discarding the beaten tendency of playing to the galleries. Addressing a gathering at Jaffarabad district of Balochistan, he cautioned people of the province against being used by the enemy. He also urged them to reject separatist elements as they have caused only destruction. Going a step further he asked ‘do we want to live in India in same conditions and even be punished for eating beef’?
This is, indeed, a breeze of fresh air and things could change for the better at the soonest if all political leaders and political parties shun vested interests based politics and speak honestly. No doubt, it is responsibility and job of the opposition parties and leaders to keep a check on performance of the Government and point out flaws and shortcomings. But there should be a difference between constructive criticism and stand on national issues. It is known to all that a handful of elements are trying to create a fuss in Balochistan while majority of people are as patriotic as people in other provinces. These elements are playing into the hands of our enemy which is working on an agenda of destabilizing and weakening Pakistan. This being the ground reality, it is responsibility of each and every genuine national leader to support efforts aimed at identifying such elements and making them accountable for their actions. What should be done with those who indulge in sabotage, arson and bombing of state symbols and even installations and services for the facility of the people? Mr Zardari has done well by sensitizing people of Balochistan about designs of the enemy and by drawing a comparison between the freedom we have in a sovereign and independent Pakistan and Muslims living in India. This has enhanced his stature in the eyes of the people and hopefully this would not prove to be an exceptional advice or comment.

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