Zardari too joins the chorus

IT seems lines have been drawn and a battle of conflicting interests is to
be fought in September. This is evident from the statement of the PPP
Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, who asserted on Sunday that Terms of Reference (ToRs) proposed by the Opposition parties regarding investigation of Panama Papers were effective and in line with the Constitution and that investigation of the matter needs to take place at all costs. The comments of the PPP leader were particularly significant as these come in the wake of categorical statement of Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah that the PPP would too be on roads in September on the issue.
In a related development, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Aitzaz Ahsan, who is known to have personal grudges against Sharif family, has advised PTI not to take the issue of Panama Papers to the Supreme Court and instead focus on streets and roads, which is reflective of his own and the party’s mindset. No doubt, Mr. Zardari himself and some of his close aides are in deep trouble over mega corruption charges and therefore, his tirade against PML(N) is understandable. But his remarks are classic example of duplicity as he and his party want probe into millions but are not ready to explain billions that have been digested during PPP’s five year. What a selective accountability they believe in! Secondly, Zardari and others in the opposition insist that the government should accept their ToRs as they are – a logic no saner mind would accept. If the opposition thinks its terms were sacrosanct then the government too would be justified to think its own ToRs as non-negotiable. Then where things will go? Politics is all about talks, dialogue and mutual accommodation while unbending attitude leads to catastrophic consequences. To agitate an issue is democratic right of the opposition but things must be sorted out on democratic forums and not on roads. The country is heading on the path of progress and development and no attempts should be made by anyone to scuttle this march forwards. All major and key players must act responsibly as instability is neither in the interest of democratic process nor economic development of the country.

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