Zainab Murder: Counsel refuses to represent Imran after confession


The defence counsel of the accused in the Zainab rape and murder case on Wednesday refused to represent Imran Ali after he confessed to his crime. The counsel, Mehar Shakeel Multani informed the judge that his conscience cannot permit him to represent a hardened criminal after he had confessed to his crime. Following the defence counsel’s official withdrawal, the Punjab prosecutor general assigned Imran a government lawyer, Mohammad Sultan.
A total of 56 witnesses have been named in the case. Imran’s statement is expected to be recorded tomorrow (Thursday) after the court records the statements of all the remaining witnesses. He had confessed to the crime on the first day of the trial after his indictment. Punjab Prosecutor General Ehtesham Qadir is assisting the ATC as per the orders of the superior courts. The verdict in Zainab murder case is likely to be announced in next two to three days.
The Zainab murder case is being heard at anti-terrorism court 1 under the chair of judge Sajjad Ahmed at Kot Lakhpat Jail. The accused in Zainab murder case on Tuesday confessed to his crime and said that he chose child girls as it is easy to carry out any activity with them. The accused admitted that he had raped nine girls including Zainab on which the judge gave him 40 minutes to take his time and consult with his counsel before giving his statement again.
When the court proceedings began after 40 minutes, the accused once again admitted his crime on which the court asked the prosecution to record the testimony of the accused. The sources said that it took more than four hours to record the testimony of the accused due to his long list of heinous crimes. The court also allowed the prosecution to record testimonies of the witnesses. The anti-terrorism court on Monday indicted Imran Ali, who is accused of raping and killing eight-year old Zainab.—INP

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