ZAB brought Heads of Muslim States under one roof for mutual consensus: Taj Haider


ISLAMABAD : Parliamentary leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in the Senate, Senator Taj Haider has said that PPP pioneer Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the great visionary, in the long history of Islamic world for the first time had brought the Heads of States of all Muslim Countries under one roof and brought about a consensus amongst them on a peaceful and reconciliatory way to resolve their mutual differences.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Senator Taj Haider said that it was tragic to see that the present government of pseudo democrats is bent upon promoting conflict within the World of Islam and has sent Pakistani soldiers to Saudi Arabia against a clear decision taken by the Parliament. He said that the Resolution of non-interference passed by the Parliament was reflective of the desire of the People of Pakistan who following the vision of Bhutto Shaheed want to see the World of Islam as a united entity.

The PPP Parliamentary leader in the Upper House said that it was common knowledge that the decision to send the troops had been taken much before the matter was raised in the Joint Session of the Parliament. He said, “Funds from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had also been received. The motives for committing our Armed Forces in a conflict between two brother Muslim Countries were purely personal. This move by the Government was a return of the favors shown to the ex-Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif by Saudi Arabia in reaching an agreement with and securing a pardon from the Military Dictator Musharraf. The appointment of General Raheel Sharif to head the forces of 40 Muslim Countries was the first phase of the divisive plan. The Resolution of the Joint Session of the Parliament only delayed the implementation of the divisive plan of the pseudo democrats.”

During the last few decades hundreds of thousands of Muslims had been killed at the hands of other Muslims in proxy wars patronized by American Imperialism and Zionism. Now there is a conflict within the 40 nation alliance as well. God forbid there is no danger to the Holy Mosques of Medina Pak and Mecca Sharif. The real objective of American Imperialism, Zionism and Indian Brahmanism is to divide and weaken the World of Islam by promoting internal armed conflicts. The pseudo democrats are playing in the hands of these forces for purely personal ends.

An opportunity to mediate and to end the conflict between brothers has been sadly lost. The valiant Armed Forces of Pakistan are bravely fighting the evil forces of terrorism and extremism internally and the cowardly attacks of Indian Brahmanism on the LOC in Kashmir. Which Pakistani would genuinely desire to have a single soldier of ours posted abroad to fan conflict between brothers at this time or at any other time? And this too for serving the personal ends of some discredited individuals.

Senator Taj Haider demanded that the Resolution passed by the joint session of the Parliament should be respected and implemented in letter and spirit. Pakistani troops should be called back and diplomatic efforts to bring about peace in the unfortunate war torn zone should be vigorously taken up.

Orignally published by INP

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