Youth, our future

Naveed Aman Khan
World Youth Forum is a platform that sends messages of peace, prosperity, harmony and progress to the entire world built by promising youth. Engaging youth from around the globe in an enriching platform allowing them to express their views and recommend initiatives to decision makers and different influential figures.
The forum is a platfarm to engage with top policy makers, net work with promising youth from the region and the world determined to create real change affecting the world we live in today. World Youth Forum is a platform bringing together youth from around the world with the decision makers and different influential officials .Egypt remained host country of World Youth Forum. It provides an opportunity to explore Egypt with its rich culture, heritage and history. Egyptian culture has a lot to offer for locals and visitors looking for rich experiences. Whether you are interested in its ancient history, food, or any other adventure, Egypt, and its people are sure to fascinate you.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi delivered messages to the world during the first day of the World Youth Forum, held in Red Sea resort Sharm el-Sheikh. The most prominent of which was for the world to avoid the clash of civilizations and the destructive consequences of fallen states. The clash between civilizations occurs because there is an attempt by some to impose their own beliefs on others. Explaining he said that diversity and differences between civilizations are a normal global phenomenon.
Sisi said that the most important cause of the clash of civilizations is the feeling of superiority towards others. On the occasion he focused to understand, interact and tolerate differences with others. Cherish religion, nationality and race, but do not collide with others. Be proud not arrogant.
While talking on the forum President Sisi talked about detention of a number of young Egyptians .He said that one of the requests he repeatedly received during youth conferences was to review the situation of young people in custody. He assured that he will form a Committee for this . Concluding he said that everyone should work for the sake of the country so that it should not fall. If the state falls, its land and people get exploited.
Resort city of Sharam el-Shaikh hosted World Youth Forum with 3,200 participants from 113 countries .Host Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, heads of States, Princes, and high officials from different countries were main dignitaries.
Among the speakers were Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jorden, President of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba , President of Togo Faure Gnassingbe , Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry , Egyptian Archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass , Commissioner World History Research Jean Francois Faux and Director General of International Center for Migration Policy Development Michael Spindelegger .
Among the participants was Miss Sharouq Tariq, a Pakistani-Egyptian promising young journalist and upcoming Middle East researcher. She got prominence when she rose Pakistani flag at the Forum and asked an important question about terrorism to the Egyptian President Sisi. She represented Pakistan and added colours to it on international level .
In terms of securing the events of WYF, the perimeter of the conference center, Sharm el-Sheikh airport and city hotels witnessed tightened security measures. Security services along with the armed forces put in place an immediate intervention plan to secure the conference. WYF program consisted of Global Youth Issues. These include discussions on terrorism issues, the role of youth in confronting them, the problem of climate change, irregular migration and refugees. The second theme focuses on Sustainable Development, Technology and Entrepreneurship, reviews international experiences in achieving sustainable development goals and presents innovative youth experiences in entrepreneurship while discussing the impact of technology on the reality of youth. The third is about civilizations and cultures. It includes subjects related to arts , literature and cultural identity, how to integrate civilizations , cultures , benefit from their diversity the role of literature and arts in fixing the damages of conflicts and wars.
The fourth theme is titled grooming future leaders which will review the major international experiences in the rehabilitation and training of youth and the role of countries and societies in the industry of future leaders.
Before his opening speech, the Egyptian President called on participants to observe a minute of silence for the victims of terrorism and war all over the world. El-Sisi praised Egyptians for their tireless work during recent years. El-Sisi also said that the fight against terrorism should be considered a human right as it threatens and destroys humanity. He was of the view that Egypt’s organising of the international event is inspired by his sincere belief that dialogue is the only way to overcome challenges.
Egyptian President expressed that the world is in need of reassessing ideas and views that have led to a planet seized by wars and to achieve the dream of a world without extremists. Egypt with its Pharaonic, African and Arab roots will employ all its capabilities in carrying out its historical role in reshaping the ideas of peace and stability. Peaceful shift of political power through Democracy is the only way to move ahead. Dialogue is ultimate. Future of every nation is in the hands of youth. Leaders will have to groom and trained young generation to overcome forth coming political challenges else where generation gap, ignorance, selfishness, illiteracy, lack of interest and irresponsibility ruins the nations sooner or latter.
— The writer is an author and political analyst based in Islamabad.

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