Youth of Pakistan

Sumaiya Fayyaz

Youth of any nation is always considered the asset of a country and it plays a primary role in the development of that country. Youth plays a vital role in keeping the nation upfront at the international level as through their contribution, a country moves on and on in the right direction of prosperity. Nonetheless, situation is not that optimistic in Pakistan, a country where more than fifty percent population is comprised of people who are between 16 to 30 years of age. Youngster of today is expected to become a responsible citizen of tomorrow but unfortunately, the younger generation seems to be years away from that maturity, which is the pre-requisite of a prosperous country. Considering fact that young people of this country always remain busy in such vain activities, how can we expect that this country could produce renowned scientists, engineers, statesman-like political leaders? Pakistan will grow if youngsters realise their responsibilities and work accordingly by leaving their vain activities behind and act for progress of this homeland.

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