Youth of city take charge revamping of parks

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Karachi’s administration could not care less about the parks in the city. This is evident from the dilapidated condition that the parks of the city are in.
However, this situation has been turned around by the youth of the city, who, through their tireless work and resolution, have changed the face of these parks. Due to their efforts, families now throng these once abandoned parks.
The lack of concern on part of the staff of the Parks Department pushed the youth of the city towards working for the betterment of these parks themselves. Their efforts have borne fruit and what were once decrepit parks have now become beautiful places where families come to spend their time.
Once such example is Dastgir Block 15 s park, which a few days back was abandoned and in a poor state. Now the park is filled with greenery and has become a popular spot for the locals of the area for their leisure activities.
The locals of the area have expressed their appreciation for the hard work shown by the youth. In an interview with Dunya News, a resident of the area said that the youth of the locality had given them a beautiful place where they could spend their time. Another resident said that the young people carried out the renovation of these parks had been carried out by the youngster from their own pocket money.
Through hard work amid a limited availability of resources, the youth of the area have proved that for change, one does not need to be in a high level position with abundant resources, but only needs determination.
Karachi had earlier witnessed Fix it, another campaign involving youth working for public betterment in face of the incompetence of the local administration. The campaign was led by Alamgir Khan, who said he launched this movement after the local administration failed to seal manholes.
The participants of the campaign initially painted the words fix it and a picture of Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah next to uncovered manholes.
Unfortunately, authorities ignored these calls, and upon their failure to cover manholes, the Fixit team themselves arranged manhole covers. The team fixed 42 manholes on University Road in Karachi at a cost of Rs 13,000 and painted the word fixed next to the manhole they sealed.

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