Youngsters play decisive role in PTI victory


Chairman, Political Science Department, University of Peshawar, Professor Dr. A.Z Hilali here Thursday said young voters have played decisive role in the victory of Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf during 2018 general elections. In an exclusive interview with APP, Dr Hilali said around 70percent young voters have polled their votes on July 25 elections in favour of PTI because Imran Khan had stood against status quo in politics, unemployment and corruption in the country.
‘The active participation of youth during polling process is a good omen for democracy as they are the future of Pakistan,’ he said, adding political parties would now realized that people wanted solution of their problems and could not be mislead on hallow slogans more. ‘The smooth and peaceful conduct of election is the victory of democracy and Pakistan, he maintained. ‘The young voters need jobs, quality education, better health, social and economic services and other political parties had completely failed to provide the same to masses in their respective regimes during last 70 years.’
‘The young voters voted in favour of PTI with a hope that their problems would be addressed as they considered Imran Khan is a ray of hope,’ Dr Hilali remarked. Imran Khan stood against corruption, which is the major problem of Pakistan, saying corruption leads to economic imbalances, disparity, poverty, illiteracy and deprives deserving people of jobs, merit and justice. ‘Imran Khan’s slogans against corruption and status quo in politics had touched the hearts of people especially young voters and they voted in large number in favour of PTI to get rid of corruption.’
The media has also played key role in mobilization of public especially youth to cast their votes and that is why a healthy turnout was witnessed in this election. The people are left with no choice in KP except to vote Imran Khan for second consecutive term as other parties had failed to deliver. He said 2008 election was very unique because a large number of women voters have also exercised their right of franchise in favour of their choice candidates and turnout of women voters were healthy in 2018 election compare to 2013 polls. The election results showed replacement of old culture and hereditary in politics and beginning of progressive social change in the country.
Dr Hilali said election was free, fair, peaceful and transparent and congratulated ECP for and security forces for provide safe, congenial and secure environment to voters. He said wrangling among political parties on election results would make negative effects on democracy and will strengthen hands of anti democratic elements. In democratic societies, he said, election’s defeat is accepted with open hearts and winners are being provided full time to implement its parties manifestos.—APP

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