YLC focuses on ‘Global Economics Leadership’

Salim Ahmed

Willing to learn new ideas and approaches, participants of 17th Young Leaders Conference returned for Day three brimming with more confidence.
The third day of the event revolved around the theme of ‘Global Economics Leadership’ which focused on global economic challenges with an emphasis on sustainable development and responsible leadership. The champ of the day, Waqar Ali, discussed the skills required to be more effective leaders and how to employ economic analysis when considering difficult public policy choices. Given the existing challenges confronting our nation and assuming that problems in years to come will be equally consequential, the job of preparing the next generation of leaders was focused on in day 3 of the conference.
As the first speaker of the day, Badar Khushnood, Member of the Central Executive Committee of [email protected] and Cofounder & VP of Growth at Bramerz, led a very interactive and engaging session on ‘Generation Z’ that left participants asking for more.
“The next generation of talent is here with accessible technology and information as their norm. These serious minded realists are all about changing the future of work through their risk taking abilities, spontaneity and their positive attitude towards learning and growing” – said Badar Khushnood during his keynote session.

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