Yemen war and children

In the suffering conditions of Yemen, the recent bus attack in North Yemen killed 50 people including 29 children while 77 were wounded. It is one of the biggest adversities found after decades. This attack targeted the market and a school van in Saana. It was done by the Saudi led coalition in response to Houthi missile attack near the city of Jezan in Saudi Arabia.
In the Jezan attack, 1 person died and 11 were injured. Saudi officials claimed that the Houthi rebels were riding the van, not the children. ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) reported that they received the bodies of children mostly under 15.
This air strike is against all humanitarian laws. Bloodied bodies of children show the cruel face of this war. Last year Saudi Arabia neglected the UN report on children casualties in the Yemen conflict. Earlier Saudi Arabia declared the attack as a valid military operation.
According to UNHCR reports, over 10,000 civilians have died and 40,000 have been injured in this ongoing war in Yemen. It is the highest death toll and unbelievable bloody campaign. Why the civilians and innocent children are being targeted in this war? Basically, this is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia that is affecting the lives of thousands of Yemenis for last 3 years. Islam strictly prohibits killing of women and children in wars.
In 2015, Saudi Arabia led an alliance of 9 African and Middle Eastern countries and launched air strikes ahead Houthis. The US has an accelerated involvement in this controversy. But we can’t deny that in all this is for regional dominance, blockade and unfortunate people of Yemen are being devastated and destroyed. They are facing horrible living condition, anxiety, water scarcity and resource deficiency. About 10,000 people have food insecurity, according to UNICEF one child dies after every 10 minutes due to these inhuman conditions. Now the starvation and destruction of 22 million people needs an urgent initiation of peace talks to stop this inhuman catastrophe for a poor country like Yemen.
Ayesha Farhan

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