Yasin shifted back to jail after check-up


In occupied Kashmir, the illegally detained Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, was shifted to a private hospital in Srinagar, today, for a medical check-up. The JKLF spokesman in a statement in Srinagar said that Yasin Malik was unwell from last many days and was suffering from viral infection. “At hospital doctors took his blood samples for many tests and also a USG was done to ascertain the condition of his kidney stones.
As Yasin Malik reached hospital many people gathered around him and asked about his health,” he said. Muhammad Yasin Malik talking to media persons at the hospital called for complete boycott of the forthcoming farcical Indian Parliamentary elections in the territory.
He said that Kashmir had been turned into a police state where even talking and breathing had been curbed by the police. He said that this rule of hooliganism was being implemented in the name of democracy which was highly pitiful. Yasin Malik said that today jails and police stations were filled with children and elderly. “Anyone who talks of boycott is being rounded up and put in jail and height of shamelessness is such that today police even raided class rooms to arrest minor students,” he added. The JKLF Chairman said that the shameless and callous rulers and their police after caging thousands and unleashing terror on people were talking of upholding democracy and peace and were asking people to cast votes and defeat those who ask for boycott which was extremely ridiculous. —Agencies

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