Xi’s well-deserved honour

CHINESE President Xi Jinping was elevated to the pantheon of the country’s most powerful leaders Tuesday as his name was enshrined in the Communist Party constitution alongside Chairman Mao. The inclusion of Xi’s eponymous guiding philosophy at the end of a week-long Congress could set him on course for an indefinite term as China’s paramount leader.
This is, indeed, a well-deserved honour as Xi is contributing immensely to strengthen his country economically and militarily. President Xi is known for his visionary approach to develop China on modern lines and enhancing prestige of the country in the comity of nations. His two programmes are worth mentioning – an anti-corruption programme that has removed, punished 1.5 million crooked officials and the Belt and Road initiative, which have also been written into the Constitution of China because of their far-reaching influence on different aspects of national life and accelerating the pace of socio-economic development. While anti-corruption drive is set to change the domestic scene, the Belt and Road initiative would extend the reach and influence of China to almost every nook and corner of the globe through brilliantly conceived idea of cooperative growth and development. This initiative is not only important for China but also significant for other countries, regions and continents as joining of the programme by more and more countries mean assured peace and security due to inter-dependency. The programme, as is manifest in Pakistan because of implementation of the flagship component of Belt and Road initiative – China Pakistan Economic Corridor – would also create economic opportunities and bring prosperity to different countries especially their remote and backward areas. We congratulate President Xi on winning confidence of Chinese people and hope that the friendship between Pakistan and China would grow further under his dynamic leadership.

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