Xi’an, Dr Ma Dong and CPEC


Naveed Aman Khan

 WIDELY known and well reputed Xi’an Polytechnic University of China has cooperated with Pakistan National Council of Arts and “Hunerkada” Institute of Arts on many projects, creating new and asymmetric cooperative model. In November 2017, Xi’an Polytechnic University dispatched a group of art faculty members to participate in CPEC Cultural Caravan. They travelled together with a group of Pakistani artistes along the CPEC route and collected the info and elements they needed for the final fusion work. Director General Pakistan National Council of Arts, Syed Jamal Shah,  also led a group of Pakistani artistes to Xi’an, the starting point of the Silk Road from which the famous monk Mahayanadeva travelled to Pakistan(ancient India) in 7 AD. They also visited the famous Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an hosted by Xi’an Polytechnic University. They have established firm relationship with Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Department. In February 2018, Xi’an Polytechnic University participated in CPEC Cultural Caravan Festival having a series of fusion works including short film, animation and fashion designs which combined the Shaanxi opera of China and Pakistani truck art. Xi’an Polytechnic University artistes were rewarded with shields by honourable Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Yao Jing and former State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb.

The 1st Mughal miniature painting workshop and exhibition organized by Xi’an Polytechnic University in China were a continuation of such cooperative model. They will make it a constant project which means miniature paintings will be promoted in China at least once a year. Xi’an Polytechnic University has also arranged traditional Chinese costume show during the CPEC Cultural Caravan Festival early this year (February 2018). Shaanxi province of China is collaborating with Pakistan this year in different walks of life. From Shaanxi province a 25-member troupe of Chinese artistes and performers visited Pakistan for cultural exchange performance and performed at Pakistan National Council of the Arts on the occasion of 71st Independence Day celebrations. This performance was carried by Shaanxi Yule Coal Sea Art Group. Among the performances Waist Drum performance of Northern Shaanxi, Doll of Northern Shaanxi sung by Zhang Na Yu, Couple Dance, Yangko Harvest Dance, Suona solo by Zhao Jun, Blossoms Red Peach and White Apricot Dance, Peony and Shepherd Boy by Zhang Na You and Xui Xiang Fei, Female Group Dance Fanhua Drum, Running Donkey, Golden Snake Dance, Folk Songs of Northern Shaanxi sung by Xui Xiang Fei and Yangko Dance of Northern Shaanxi remained extremely marvellous and matchless.

From Xi’an Polytechnic University of Shaanxi province, a delegation of scholars was invited on this occasion of 71st Independence Day celebrations of Pakistan also. Renowned Chinese honourable Scholar Professor Dr. Ma Dong led the delegation. Professor Dr. Ma Dong worked a lot for the development of new media art in China. In recent years, he has been mainly engaged in cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan and new media. He has undertaken and completed a number of national and provincial level research projects in the field of arts. Presently he is serving as Dean of the New Media Art College of Xi’an Polytechnic University. He is Research Director at Art Archaeology Sichuan University Postdoctoral Research Station. Assistant Professor of Xi’an Polytechnic University Dr. Wang Shan arranged my meeting with honourable Chinese scholar Professor Dr. Ma Dong at Islamabad Club on August 15 which lasted around two hours. Professor Dr. Ma Dong in the meeting revealed the reasons, factors and components of the development of common Chinese and eventually great China. According to Dr. Ma Dong, the Chinese leaders and great scholars made unwielded population of China a great nation. Overall Chinese nation is very polite and deep sighted. Chinese are seldom seen going out of temper. Dominantly Chinese are practical, punctual and committed nation and don’t believe in fantasy. Chinese nation struggled a lot for its dignity and splendour, he continued. During the meeting Dr. Wang Shan facilitated us with interpretation. Dr. Ma Dong told that Chinese nation dislikes habits based on immorality. I found both of the scholars very well polished and groomed. During the meeting Prof.Dr. Ma Dong himself continued serving us with green tea. His wisdom, lofty approach, knowledge, professional deliverance and polite behaviour really moved my spirit. He told that Xi’an Polytechnic University and Performing Art Institute “Hunarkada” are going to join hands in different disciplines. In this regard administration of “Hunarkada” will visit Xi’an Polytechnic University soon to finalist the modalities and mechanism of work ahead. Modalities of first ever Pakistan-China movie co-production “Cut” will also be finalised during the visit of “Hunarkada” delegates.

Because of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor both of the nations are coming closer on diplomatic, economic cultural and intellectual levels also. These interactions and opportunities are opening new horizons of learning and earning for both of the nations. These frequent interactions are enhancing confidence levels of Pakistanis and the Chinese. Chinese scholar Prof.Dr.MaDong’s vision reflects the level of approach and application of China. Besides Prof. Dr. Ma Dong high-level officials Mr. Bai Zhijun and  Mr. Zhao also reached Pakistan from Cultural Department of Shaanxi. These revolutionary cultural and intellectual activities between Pakistan and China are opening new panorama of penny and pleasure for our future generations. I am sure getting better economic conditions and frequent interaction on political, diplomatic, economic, cultural and intellectual levels with Chinese nation will make Pakistani nation compatible with China.

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