Xi-Trump rapprochement to create new world order


Focus on Asian issues certain

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


The entire global commmunity has taken a sigh of relief with the firm resolve on Saturday by two big bosses – President Xi Jinping and President Donald J Trump – to build up mutual cooperation, harmoney in carving out new avenues of friendship and hammering down differences.
With coming closer together both the USA and China have in fact created a new peaceful world order, that shall also be a guarantee to the integrity of the smaller nations on earth.
It is expected that next time when the US President Donal J Trump would undertake China visit mutual friendly level would further go up, says visit estimation.
This cooperation resolve came when both the Presidents met here with members of their respective delegations preceded by face-to-face meeting in a frank and cordial atmosphere.
The meeting mood reflected emergence of new confidence and working coordination for the betterment of both the nations.
Both the leaders deeply appreciated the first ever Florida meeting spirit of bilateralism and understanding the global, continental and regional affairs.
China and the United States have been ‘enmeshed’ in nuances for a long time since resumption of their diplomatic ties in 1971. But these two meetings have removed all the boulders in the way of friendship and mutual trust in world affairs.
Cooperation of both China and USA in world affairs would help solve mostly outstanding issues of Asia especially Kashmir, Palestine, Nogorna-Karabach in a peaceful way. The previous US administration has chosen Asia as the basis of its policy pivot, but later on that got somewhat lesser importance.

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