Xi meets Kim Jong, vows to promote regional peace


BEIJING : President Xi Jinping met Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Dalian, northeast China’s Liaoning Province on May 7-8, reports Chinese State media.

In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, they had an all-round and in-depth exchange of views on China-DPRK relations and major issues of common concern.

Comrade Chairman made a special trip to China to meet me again just after 40-odd days, Xi said, at a crucial time when the Korean Peninsula situation is undergoing profound and complex changes. This embodies the great importance that Comrade Chairman and the WPK Central Committee have attached to the relations between the two parties and the two countries, and to their strategic communication. “I speak highly of it,” Xi said.

“After the first meeting between me and Comrade Chairman, both China-DPRK relations and the Korean Peninsula situation have made positive progress. I feel happy about it,” he said.

Xi said he was willing to meet Kim again to make joint efforts to push the healthy and stable development of China-DPRK relations, realize long-lasting peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, and promote regional peace, stability and prosperity.

For his part, Kim said both the DPRK-China friendship and the Korean Peninsula situation have undergone meaningful progress since March this year. “These are the positive outcomes of the historic meeting between me and Comrade General Secretary,” he said.

At a crucial time when the regional situation is developing rapidly, Kim said he came to China again to meet with General Secretary and inform him of the situation, hoping to strengthen strategic communication and cooperation with China, deepen DPRK-China friendship, and promote regional peace and stability.

Xi stressed that he and Kim held their historic first meeting in Beijing in March this year, during which they had a long and in-depth communication, and reached principled consensus in four aspects on developing China-DPRK relations in the new era.

Xi said that with concerted efforts of both sides, all of these consensuses are being well implemented.

Within a period of more than one month, he and Kim met twice and they have been keeping in close contact, Xi said.

Kim said that he believes his second meeting with Xi after more than a month will deepen mutual trust and push the friendly and cooperative DPRK-China relationship to achieve an even closer and comprehensive development in line with the demands of the new era.

Talking about the situation of the Korean Peninsula, Xi said he and Kim fully exchanged views and reached important consensus during their first meeting, adding that Kim has recently made active efforts to promote dialogue and easing of tension on the peninsula with constructive progress being made.

He noted that with joint efforts from relevant parties, the momentum of dialogue and alleviation of tension on the peninsula is being consolidated in the direction that is conducive to a political solution.

China supports the DPRK’s adherence to the denuclearization of the peninsula, and backs the dialogue and consultation between the DPRK and the United States for resolving the peninsula issue, Xi said.

Speaking highly of Xi’s profound vision and extraordinary wisdom, Kim expressed his gratitude to China for its long-standing and significant contribution to realizing denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and safeguarding peace and stability in the region.

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