Xi calls for int’l cooperation to curb corruption


BEIJING : President Xi Jinping Called for international cooperation in the anti-corruption field. This will help to achieve the desired goal, promoting the concept of good governance and providing justice to the people. He made the remarks at the second plenary session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the CPC.

He warned the country’s corrupt elements, stating that anti-corruption efforts will remain top priority, ensuring good governance at all levels. This will “fundamentally improve the political ecosystem of the ruling, Communist Party of China (CPC).”Those who work in disciplinary agencies must discipline themselves first,” Xi stressed.

“We should push forward the campaign with heroism, and takes the bull by the horns with a fighting spirit that never steps aside in face of an enemy,” he said.

“Senior Party members should be subjected to higher and more rigorous standards and placed under tight scrutiny, though all Party members should follow the rules,” he said. Noting that senior officials should fulfill their duties fully and responsibly, Xi stressed that they should show strong commitment in bearing their political responsibilities.

Xi required measures to address both the symptoms and root causes of corruption to secure a “sweeping victory in the fight against corruption.” “Measures targeting the root causes must be consolidated while those to cure the symptoms must be vigorously wielded,” Xi said.

He urged all discipline inspection and supervision organs to follow higher standards and stricter discipline, and called on their staff to be loyal, resolute, responsible and maintain discipline and law, ensuring that the power bestowed by the Party and the people would not be abused.

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