WWE: Most viewed programme

Mehraj Altaf

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is being broadcast in 12 languages in over 130 countries and it is being viewed by 34 million people in the United States (US) and the income of WWE is nearly $1billion annually. WWE is the industry leader in virtually every static such as, television ratings, live event attendance and licensing revenue. The biggest attendance records in WWE were two, in 1997 more than 1.1 million were recorded and in 2000 approximately 2.5 million attendances were recorded.
During the year 2000 the attendance became a bit lower, that is 2 million attendance.The people who are watching WWE including WWE Raw, Smackdown and main event are 12-17 age group. The owner of WWE Vince McMahon is entertaining the people in a brilliant way, which can affect everyone and me too. It is really a great show for entertaining people and I am also extremely thankful to Vince McMahon for making such a great show.
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