Wrong portrayal

Urooj Imran

These days I have vowed to stay away from Pakistani dramas. I usually feel disappointed when I switch on TV as in most of the dramas, the women are portrayed as weak, pathetic creatures who are nearly always crying and are helpless to change their own lives. Is this the kind of thinking we want to instil in the minds of our young girls? Do we want them to grow up thinking they are weak? Do we want them to think that instead of taking a stand for themselves, they should suffer in silence and only ask God for help?
We need to show good role models to our young girls: women who stand up for themselves and take incentive to change their lives. We need to show women who are brave and courageous. We need to show women who inspire our girls to be strong and aim big. I urge the writers and producers of the TV industry to create dramas with strong female characters.
— Via email

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