Worth of a teacher

Teaching is considered as one of the most respectable profession. So it’s obligatory upon students and the educational institutions to take care of teachers in every way.
But nowadays, especially in private schools, teachers are not given that value and respect. All the sincere teachers show untiring efforts for building up the character of their students and to keep the standard of their school and its education high.
But in return these teachers get a 4-digit salary package. People, engaged in other professions have much higher salaries than a teacher along with extra allowances, transport and free medical facilities while a teacher is deprived of all such facilities. Even a clerk avails and enjoys more salary and facilities than a teacher.
Moreover the coming generations treat their teachers as if they are their servants. Now the respect is only for those whose profession gives them a large salary packages. I request all to give teachers due respect and take required steps so that all teacher can become respectable teachers.

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