Worldwide Muslim unity

Ch Muhammad Abdullah

Today the Muslims all over the world are in a state of utter disarray and chaos. We see grim and dismal signs of decay, decline and degeneracy. What is the reason behind this? Allah said that “Hold on to rope of Allah and do not divide”. Rope of Allah is the Holy Quran. So long the Muslims kept the Holy Quran and Sunnah as the sole sources of their guidance, they enjoyed primacy in every walk of life, but when they stopped following the word of God, their downfall started.
Today the Muslim world is shattered and broken. Like European countries Muslims are living in nation-states which are formed on the basis of language and ethnicity. These Muslim countries have fought bloody wars with one another; many Muslims countries have strained their relationship with one another. It looks as if Islam is no longer working as vital bond to knit Muslims together as one single, homogenous body. To make matters worse, grave sectarian wars have erupted in Muslim countries. In the Middle East and in Pakistan people are being killed merely on the basis of sect they belong to. Quarrels and disputes on various sectarian lines have drained vital energies of the Muslims which could have been better spent on the uplift and progress of Muslims. Another threat tearing Muslim Ummah apart is the ride of radicalism within the Muslim countries, where extremist hard-line jihadist Muslims in their bizarre, unthinking enterprise have taken up guns against their own governments.
The Muslims in short are at each other’s throat forgetting the vital lessons of Islamic unity and brotherhood. Western countries are at the climax of progress in science and technology because they are interlinked with each other in true spirit of unity and unity leads to progress. They spearheaded new discoveries in the field of science and were the torch bearers of human civilization. Muslims of earlier times reached the summit of power and glory because then they had no mutual fighting and were inspired by true spirit of Islam. Pure simple faith of Islam drove them forward. The national harmony amongst the Muslims depends upon a blend of strong Islamic values and social feelings. So let us all go back to the teachings of Holy Quran and we will regain our erstwhile glory and power.

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