World’s silence gives sense of impunity to Indian forces: Fai


D.C Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General of World Kashmir Awareness Forum, has said Kashmir represents a government’s repression not of a secessionist or separatist movement but of an uprising against foreign occupation, an occupation that was expected to end under determinations made by the United Nations.
While addressing an event in Washington, Dr Fai said, “The situation has been met with studied unconcern by the United Nations that has given a sense of total impunity to India. All the peculiarities of the Kashmir situation become more baffling in view of the fact that the mediatory initiative which would halt the violations of human rights and set the stage for a solution would entail no deployment of the troops of the United States, no financial outlays and no adversarial relations between United States and India.” The event organized by Kashmir House.
Abid Khurshid, President of Kashmir Journalists Forum, Islamabad, said “We talk about plebiscite in Kashmir which was agreed by the world body and that’s only way forward to settle the Kashmir dispute. The UN and other peace-loving countries must play their role to persuade both India and Pakistan to fulfill these internationally accepted pledges and promises.”
Khurshid elaborated the peace process and human rights in Kashmir cannot be separated and they will succeed or fail together. He hopes to count on moral suasion and pricked conscience of American leadership to push success forward. He pointed out that it was a difficult situation that we are facing with constant firing across the Line of Control. These relentless firings of Indian army across LoC have rendered countless people disabled in Azad Kashmir.—KMS

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