World youth skills day

Sana Khan

Every year July 15, is celebrated as world youth skills day to highlight the fundamental rights of the youth. Earlier in 2013, UN estimated that more than 74.5 million unemployed youth were present in the world and growing. According to International Labour Organisation young are three times more likely to be unemployed compare to adults. In this world, nearly 125 million youth are employed but living with extreme poverty and earning less than US $1/day, mostly the problem is being faced by developing countries.
There is no shortage of skills in youth but they are deprived of opportunities to show their talent. By seeing bad conditions of the youths in December 2014, United Nations General Assembly announced to have world youth skills day on July 15. The main theme is to equip the youth to search for the good jobs and skills development is the best source to reduce poverty in the world.
— Kech, Balochistan

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