World ozone day

September 16 is observed all over the world as preservation day of ozone (03) layer. It was at the first time celebrated in 1994 and was established by the United Nations General Assembly. However, the purpose of celebration is to spread awareness of the depletion of ozone layer and seek out solutions to preserve it.
Ozone layer is a shield around the earth which does not let the ultraviolet rays of the sun to reach on the surface of earth. In 1976 atmospheric research mentioned that the ozone layer is being thinned due to the chemicals released by the industries, for instance, chlorofluorocarbon (CFCS).Moreover, the depletion of ozone layer can harm the life on earth badly which causes extreme hotness and flow of glaciers and prevent rain.
Hence, this Day is for us to show our intensive care towards this problem and find out solution to preserve the ozone layer and put a ban on certain things which are responsible for this reason as well as plant more and more trees in our surroundings.
Nasirabad, Balochistan

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