World needs seeds, not bombs

The inter-Korean summit between South Korea and North Korea is not only interesting but also a chance to think through the various angles and tangles. So far the international community has seen many nuclear activities even as the media outlets/people from across the world like paparazzi have long been focusing on news of nuke-programs. Of course science is essential and the pivot of the international community. As a Physics student in the years like 1997 and 1998, I had then started showing interest in learning many such scientific rudiments. I never hesitate to understand the negative aspects of the gigantic inventions like nuclear bombs at the same time. Our ancestors and descendants [could be any descent like Asian origin or American or European origin] were working hard on the rough tracts of land to cultivate the crops. As the time went by and science innovations started crawling into the human domain, the actual and mundane scene morphed into/changed into the next level. Maybe this storyline could be the tip of the iceberg in the matter of going back in time and history. Enmity, technology and unfriendliness had in fact made a foray against one another [involving the countries the world over]. People and countries have the tendency to grow strong in all spheres of life. The case in point is that Asian countries for example India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka had been the most sought-after for the various factors like their enormous wealth, great knowledge, beautiful culture and abundant resources. Just see the domino effect or the so-called ripple effect of nuclear bombs. In the international community today, babies are stillborn with disabilities. Who is responsible for this or who can be held to accountability?
Maharashtra, India

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