World of Islam can restore its glorious past: President Rouhani


ASTANA, September 10 (NNI): Iranina Preident Hassan Rouhani said the World of Islam can return to its glorious past by embracing modern science and technology and resorting to the teachings of Holy Quran on leniency and tolerance.

Addressing the first Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Science and Technology in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Sunday, President Rouhani emphasized the role of the World of Islam as an important part of the modern world and stressed that the situation of Islamic Ummah has great impact on the general conditions of the world.

The president elaborated on the glorious civilziation of the Muslim world in the first centuries after the rise of the brilliant sun of Islam and expressed grief that this civilziation declined at the beginning of the 6th century.

‘Dividing knowledge into decent and indecent ones at the beginning of the 6th century paved the way for the decline of the Islamic civilization and Mongol’s invasion expedited it. Muslims’ indolence and lethargy in recent centuries not only prevented them from making further development, but at the same time blocked them from saving their previous assets,’ said the Iranian president.

However, it is possible today for the World of Islam to move toward innovation, creativity and progress beside rationality and ethics and create a world free from violence and extremism, said President Rouhani. NNI

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