World condemns terror attack on France

Terror once again struck France and this time the target was the tourist resort of Nice where the terrorists rammed a truck into a crowd killing at least eighty four people. The entire world community including Pakistan was quick, and rightly so, to add their condemnation to this shocking incident – the one that also carries lessons both for France and other western countries.
France has been hit hard by the terrorists, over the past few months. The attack on the tourist resort was the third major strike against France in less than eighteen months and it comes just eight months after ISIS attacks on Paris that left 130 people dead. France used to be a liberal society believing in peaceful coexistence and harmony but over the past few years it took such controversial steps, which hurt the very sentiments of the religious minorities and created a deep wedge in the society. In fact the things took ugly turn for France when it started imposing restrictions on the religious identities of minorities especially the ban on women veil, which clearly amount to virtual harassment and discrimination against the Muslim population. In addition, the publication of caricatures of the holiest personalities of Islam by the western media in the name of freedom of expression further aggravated the situation and only contributed to promoting intolerance in the society. Today, these recurring incidents of terrorism are a clear manifestation that the western society is fast heading towards extremism and there are also reports that hundreds and thousands of youth from European countries including France are leaving their countries to join the ranks of ISIS, which has repeatedly singled out France as a prime target for its nefarious actions. Given the current chaos and violence grappling every part of the world, we will urge the western countries to shun their anti Muslim policies, adhere to the hallmarks of being free and liberal society and stop hurting the sentiments of others in the name of unbridled freedom of expression, in order to achieve the larger objective of peaceful existence. Such a policy would not only in the interest of France itself but also would help promote the ideals of peace and security in the world at large.

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