World has committed to ending Tuberculosis by 2030 : WHO DG


UNITED NATIONS :World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the world has committed to ending the TB epidemic by 2030 but actions and investments don’t match the political rhetoric for which we need a dynamic, global, multi-sectoral approach . Tuberculosis, or TB, remains the world’s top infectious killer, according to latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO). The data from 2016, paints what WHO described as a “grim picture”, with an estimated 1.3 million TB deaths among HIV-negative people and an additional 374,000 among those who are HIV-positive. An estimated 10.4 million fell ill with TB, and almost half of drug-resistant new cases were in India, China and Russia. Despite that, global efforts to combat TB have saved an estimated 53 million lives since 2000, and reduced the mortality rate from TB by 37 per cent, according to the Global TB Report 2017. The report adds that multidrug-resistant TB remains a “public health crisis and a health security threat”, with 600,000 new cases with resistance to the most effective first-line drug last year. Dr Mario Raviglione, Director of WHO’s Global TB Programme, said that “the sheer numbers of deaths and suffering speak for themselves “ we are not accelerating fast enough”. The United States island territory of Puerto Rico still lacks “an effective emergency response” more than a month after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, a group of UN human rights experts warned on Monday.



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