World Brain Tumor Day tomorrow

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Lahore—World Brain Tumor Day will observe tomorrow on 8th June across the world including Pakistan with the aim to get the awareness of the public for this quite unknown disease.
Taking to Pakistan Observer Prof of Neurosurgery Dr Khalid Mahmood, Principal & PGMI/AMC Lahore General Hospital said brain tumours are uncommon and incidence rate for primary malignant and non-malignant brain tumours in USA is 22 cases per 100,000 population.
Out of these one third are malignant and two third are non-malignant. We do not have exact incidence of these tumours in Pakistan as we do not have central tumour registry for our population. He said it is not exactly known what causes these tumours.
However there is increased risk in certain rare genetic syndromes and childhood exposure to radiation. Certainly if father or a brother has brain tumour, there is no increased risk in children or rest of family members. Brain tumours can present with headaches, problem with vision, epilepsy, stroke, personality changes and drowsiness.
If not diagnosed early, may lead to comatose condition. He said nowadays it is very easy to diagnose these tumours with a contrast CT scan of Brain which is widely available. Sometimes we have to do MRI scan of brain which gives better details of tumour size, location and its exact relation with blood vessels and eloquent parts of brain like speech, arm, face, leg areas.
There are 100 different types of brain tumours and not every tumour is cancerous. Different types of brain tumours present in different age groups from childhood to old age he said adding tumours can either arise from brain primarily or spread to it from rest of body.
However tumours arising from brain do not spread to other parts of body. Recently there has been great improvement in treatment for brain tumours in Pakistan which is at par with international standards.

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