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World book and copyright day

Abid Hussain

BOOK is an acronym of Big Ocean of Knowledge OR Built-in Orderly Organized knowledge. Undoubtedly, book is an unprecedented ocean of knowledge. The Holy Qur’an says that dhalikal kitabu laa raiba Fi which means that this is the book about which there is no doubt. We are living in the ocean of knowledge and books which teach us how to swim in the ocean of knowledge. There is no best companion in the world other than books. Nice books can make one smarter and lead them in the right direction. “Marcus Tullius Cicero a Roman Philosopher, orator, lawyer and statesman articulated that “a room without books is like a body without a soul”.
People in diversify subjects are contributing well in their literary works to promote good readers in their respective fields. Some authors are writing for all classes such as Fiction book, drama, novel and storytelling books etc. These authors are unsung heroes and are contributing their due respects in their society. They bring awareness, energizing the masses by their literary words. A protection of the right of authors is a big question in any society. Do we pay tribute to these heroes for their artistic works? Are these authors are treated nicely for their art in their respective fields? I somewhat must say yes but in reality, we do not give them their rights for their artisan work which they really deserve.
This is the reason that many book lovers across the world observe the world book and copyright day every year on 23rd April. The connection of this day was made in 1923 for the first time in Spain for paying tribute to an author named Miguel de Cervantes, who died on 23rd April in 1923. This date has also been marked in honour of William Shakespeare a renowned English poet, playwright, actor and world’s greatest dramatist who died on April 23, 1616.
In 1995, UNESCO decided to celebrate this day in reference to the Catalonian Festival as a world book and copyright day. On this day people pay tribute to authors, scriptwriters, composers and producers for their credited work. Besides promoting the importance of reading habits, on this Day we also celebrate the intellectual property right of the authors for their commendable jobs. The main purpose of this day is to promote reading habits and encourage publishing agencies for literary productions. This day promotes to recognize the scope of books – as books always play a pivotal role in the society which links the people between past and future. Books are like a bridge connecting generation to generation. People who mostly rely on books are coming together and participating in March to give honour and pay their full tributes to the authors and publishing production agencies for their remarkable job.
Copyright was considered to be an artistic guarantee source for a decent income but, now even a single artiste whether author, composers, imaging director, publisher do not make a single penny from their artistic works in the contemporary world. Many great writers are contributing their intellectual thoughts with enthusiasm to uplift the society with their intellectual approach in order to bring awareness. Many authors, scriptwriters and composers are working hard for a nominal charge or some time on a voluntary basis in order to promote a trend-setting environment for the common masses. Intellectual Property (IP) is an idea or creative and innovative subjects of one owns thought. An individual can own the right to a certain piece of IP and thus controls its use, or in some cases benefit from its application.
UNESCO is doing a marvelous job to promote reading habits and protect the rights of producers in many fields. Equal access to knowledge for diversity and creativity is the basic aim of UNESCO. For this purpose all stakeholders such as authors, librarians, publishers, teachers, mass media and humanitarian NGOs, public and private institutions and all those who wish to work together in this world celebrating world book and copyright day with great zeal and zest. World Book and Copyright day has become a platform to connect millions of people around the world for attributions to the intellectual class in society. To cherish books as the valuable tool for knowledge-sharing, mutual understanding and openness to a diversified world, I request to academia, book lovers and authors to come forward and tribute your valuable thoughts in favour of those unsung heroes who brought us to this level of life.
— The writer is working as Library Officer in Institute of Strategic Studies, a think-think based in Islamabad.