Workshop on concept of Halal and Tayyab food

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Speakers have said that Pakistan has a great potential for Halal food trade and it will also strengthen the economy of Pakistan. They emphasized on the concerted efforts, laws and strategies for the development of Halal industry. They also recommended universities to introduce Halal &Tayyab course into the curriculum.
They stated while addressing on a workshop on Concept of Halal and Tayyab at Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Raalpindi (PMAS-AAUR), here on Tuesday.
Prof. Dr. Sarwat N. Mirza said that Pakistan is the leading Muslim country and it is astonishing that its share in global halal food is just 0.5%.
Speakers delivered lectures on the topics including Fundamentals of Halal Food, The Quran and Food, Shariah issues in halal foods, Assurance of Tayyab from Food Safety Perspective in Food Sector, halal and Tayyab in Islam, benefits of halal certification and its value to the food industries and the need for halal awareness education.
Speakers shared their views and valuable research on the different aspects of concept of halal & tayyab and the measures to be adopted to promote the trade of Halal food and non-food products. They highlighted the concept of Halal & tayyab products which is based on the divine Law, mentioned at various instances in the Holy Quran and the importance of earning Halal income as well as the consumption of Halal products. They stressed to launch a campaign to educate the public about Halal food processing, preparation and the label on food so that people can chose the best food without any doubt.

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