Working together for people’s health

After all a good news has come from Peshawar that the KP government has allowed access to Punjab dengue elimination into the hospitals in Peshawar and undertake other essential activities besides setting up a camp for the dengue hit patients. According to the reports , this has been possible after several contacts at the appropriate high level between the Provincial Govts of Punjab and KP.
After being allowed access into the hospitals, one unit had screened as many as 843 persons out of which 143 had proved positive. Punjab Health Minister Khwaja Imran Nazir heading the team of medical experts told a news conference in Peshawar that it is an alarming situation as thousands of people are believed to be affected apparently due to not being all that aware about the disease and how it spreads. He quite rightly, emphatically and appreciably said that we are here on the direction of our Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to serve the ailing brothers and sisters, it is purely humanitarian issue and cannot and should not be used for political purposes.
Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif had offered all possible assistance and cooperation to KP Government in combating the epidemic and rushed a medical team of doctors and medical staff headed by the Health Minister along with a blank cheque. Two more units are on way to Peshawar from Lahore for controlling the epidemic which is hitting more and more people in KP.
It is quite commendable that both the provinces have joined hands in taking care and treating the dengue hit patients in a spirit of brotherly cooperation and they are trying to save as many patients as possible. Dengue is curative as well as preventive and can be averted by observing the preventive measures about which the people of Peshawar and other areas somehow seem unaware.

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