Work done by Muslim women

Syed Saqlain Rizvi

As I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I lived half of my life there and never saw a woman driving. While in school, I had a subject Islamic Studies in which a chapter named after our Prophet Muhammad SAW’s first wife Khadija AS, there I noticed she was an entrepreneur and a business woman on the same land known as Saudi Arabia now but 1400 years ago. After these so many years and remarkable success by women in our society, I heard a mile stone covered by three Muslim women from Brunei Darussalam.
These three women flew an airplane on the land, where neither are the women allowed to move without veil, nor can they even drive a car. Question arises for the people who always talks about feminism, woman rights, don’t they look and feels the requirement of a society to drive as she can be in any kind of circumstances. I really appreciate this act of Brunei pilots because they made a difference and set an example for all the women who live anywhere in the world and facing difficulties due to male dominance.

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