Won’t accept double standard of justice: Nawaz Sharif


SARGODHA : President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, deploring the ‘double standard’ of justice, has said the court set a different standard of justice for Imran Khan in a disqualification case. Addressing a public rally in Kot Momin on Saturday, he said Imran was vindicated by the courts despite he admitted of owning an offshore company. He underscored, “Dual standard of justice is travesty of justice. The supremacy of law will be restored at any cost.”

The PML-N President referring to Khan’s excessive criticism said that he (Imran) is hurling allegations at others but he himself is a corrupt man. Calling the gathering of a sizable crowd a ‘referendum’, Sharif said the turnout of people at the venue is evident proof of his party’s growing popularity in aftermath of the Panamagate saga. Enumerating the projects that were initiated in his tenure, Sharif said the impact of his ouster slowed down the emerging economic growth in the country.

Calling the youth of country as his army, the deposed premier said the judiciary has to make a response to the questions being raised by the masses.

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