Women rights

Iqra Zahid

Despite great efforts all over the world and a number of movements to protect rights of women over many years, women are still exploited in many ways like sexual violence, child marriage, women trafficking, honour killing, decline in access to education and political participation. Women all over the world want social, political and legal rights equal to the rights of men and they want freedom to make choices for themselves. Demand of women differs from place to place, while in some countries women want a right to get education on the other side of the world women are fighting for their right on reproduction. Take an example of Poland where planned abortion law has been passed and thousands of women are protesting against this law. In Pakistan a woman is victimized by her patriarchal society. Killed in the name of honour, raped but forced to keep quiet, not allowed to get education or marry a guy of her own choice.
Pakistan’s suffering with Honour killing has climbed to acme in recent years. It is shocking to know that one fifth of the total honour killings in the world are done in Pakistan. According to the report by Human Right Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) 1,100 women were killed in 2015 for dishonouring their family by their relatives “Ghairat” a simple word allows a huge majority of population especially men to kill their female relatives in the name of honour. “Another honour killing”, “woman killed by her husband”, “Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother”, “A girl killed by her mother for marrying a boy of her choice”. These words appear in newspapers and on social media from time to time and still people are not ready to raise voice against it, except a few by whose effort Pakistan passed anti-honour killing and anti-rape killing bill in October 2016. Pakistan is one step closer towards giving women of Pakistan their rights. It will not be long till we see Pakistan as a country where women with their equal rights will be working hand in hand for the prosperity of Pakistan.

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