Women rights protection

Mohsin Abdul Haq

Women form more or less 50 per cent of the total population. With the passage of time, more and more women are entering into different fields, showing their talent, working shoulder to shoulder with men and even excelling in their respective professions showing that Pakistani women do not lag behind. Quite obviously while coming out of their homes and working in government and private offices, women do face some problems including harassment and sexual abuse at the places of work.
The Punjab Government is fully appreciative of the contribution being made by women towards progress, development and prosperity of the Province in addition to taking care of their domestic responsibilities. The Provincial Government at the same time also realizes sorts of problems being faced by working women at their places of work and while travelling between their homes and offices.
During the last couple of years, a number of measures have been taken for protection of rights of women and legislation done to ensure security, safety and peaceful and satisfying atmosphere at work places. The latest step taken by the government is the enactment and enforcement of the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2016.
The Special Monitoring Unit working directly under guidance and inspiration of Provincial Chief Minister was the moving force behind the framing, passage and enforcement of the law on Protection of Women against violence.
According to the reports in the press, the Special Monitoring Unit has established an authority to oversee and ensurte proper, effective and efficient enforcement of the law regarding protection of women rights.
The Chief Minister has approved setting up of the authority, the first of its kind in Pakistan, and duly appreciated the work of the Special Monitoring Unit in this regard. This is an innovative, positive and appreciable move and hopefully it will go a long way, as intended and desired, in protecting rights of womenfolk and providing them safe, secure, conducive atmosphere at work places so that they continue making productive contributions towards progress, development and prosperity of Pakistan besides improving living standards of their families in a reasonable manner. Organizations working for the rights of women will surely and certainly appreciate this forward looking move of the Provincial Government and make their useful suggestions for the just approved authority so that it can work in the right direction and win appreciation from women’s rights bodies.
— Lahore

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