Women education

Madiha Ather Hashmi

Women constitute half of the world population and are, equally, competent and responsible members of the society. Why this discrimination or oppression? Why not an advanced and lofty thinking to spearhead a movement to cover the women? We must contemplate this issue and be prepared to be charitable on this score and must do substantially more in this field of imparting education and life-skills to women.
There have been obstructions that still impose serious impediment to girls going to school…This is the hell of cruel system which can’t even take some initiatives to equip children who need to be the future stakeholders and policy makers of this country. We mourn here but government rejoices there at the misery of people. Women are the most vital part of any country and if they continue to be deprived of opportunities, we cannot be a developed nation by any means. Kick out the mafias which don’t allow their girls and boys to be educated! Government and NGOs should work together to motivate parents to send their girls to school. The NGOs and local governments should build and take care of schools.
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