Women education indispensable to achieve 90pc literacy rate: Razina

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Education is a dream which will aid our children to become skillful, capable and knowledgeable citizen of the country to earn a respectable and prosperous life in tomorrow’s society. This was observed by Chairperson NCHD Razina Alam Khan while addressing senior management meeting of the Commission.
Providing access to education to all the individuals, girls and boys is the fundamental right of every citizen of the country. The education data reflects that there are more girls out of school than the boys i.e. 49% girls as compared to 40 per cent boys. The women population is 51% of the country, she informed. Collectively more than 40 per cent of the children of 5-16 years in the country are still not attending schools, she added. This situation halts the progress and development of the country and decrease literacy rate as well, she further added. If we want to achieve 90% literacy rate in the country then we will have to focus education of girls, she stressed.
Chairperson NCHD said that, NCHD worked as a fast track initiative to fight against eradication of illiteracy. NCHD adopted a two pronged strategy i.e. Adult literacy Program in remote areas across the country and Universal Primary program curbing the annual increase in the illiterate pool, by ensuring that all children get enrolled in schools, she added. Besides our main programs, we practiced literacy in jails for prisoners, mainstreaming of madarasas by introducing primary education in them along with religious education, establishment of National Training Institute, Piloting of Non-formal Schools in ICT, she further added.
NCHD constituted a forum on Non-formal Education and Advisory Council for Literacy with an aim to bring all stakeholders on one platform and to work out a coordinated mechanism for literacy and non-formal education, she maintained. She said our focus from literacy to skill development has been successful in empowering the neglected section of society especially girls and women in the remote areas.
Coordinated efforts of all the stakeholder will definitely contribute in improving the education system and Insha Allah the dream of a literate society will come true, she stressed.

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