Woes of middle class society”

Let us think for a moment. You have a very important exam to appear. But the loud noise or melody in front of your house leaves you with utter helplessness. Or you are blessed with a baby who is hardly two weeks old. And when you visit the doctor you find your baby is down with malaria and is critical. Well, got Goosebumps? This is what the middle class society is facing on a daily basis. My point here is the ineffectiveness and ignorance of the government and political parties in solving our problems. There are no proper dustbins in our area. Mosquitoes have become the most dangerous blood sucking creatures for us. No street lights. No covered drains. Encroachment is rampant.
The loud music being played is enough to create a colony of deaf. The corporate in the area is sleeping beauty. We neither see her nor any of her works except during elections. Of-course I agree the government is not the only one responsible. There are many others as well. The time now demands modification and participation. The rules need to be stricter. People should realize their broad problems and give them their voice. Sleeping beauties need to be dutiful politicians and leaders. Media is the voice of public, the voice demanding change for better.

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