Woes of daily wage teachers

IT is, indeed, pathetic that no one is listening to grievances of the daily wage teachers, who are suffering for the last several years and that too under the very nose of federal government. Can anyone imagine that these teachers have not been paid salaries for the last five months despite assurances to this effect by concerned Ministers?
Federal government is trying to present Islamabad as a model as far as standards of education and facilities at capital’s educational institutions are concerned and it has succeeded in its efforts to some extent. A reform programme is underway on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif instructions under which missing facilities are being provided, computer and science labs established and transport facility being provided to all schools in a phased manner. It is hoped that physical condition of the schools would improve but there is a big question mark whether there would be any improvement in quality and standard of education. This is because no reform can produce desired results until and unless we have qualified, trained, spirited and motivated teachers as their role is crucial in the entire scheme of things. How can a teacher deliver if he or she is not mentally satisfied because of financial woes? Is there any justification for not paying them their salary, which is also meagre, for months? The issue of regularisation of services of these teachers and non-payment of their salaries has been there for the last three years. During this period, it was raised on the floor of Parliament, affected teachers protested on roads and both Islamabad High Court and the Supreme Court intervened but to no avail. We hope that Maryam Nawaz Sharif, who is the moving spirit behind educational reforms in Islamabad and Minister of State for CADD, who hails from the area, would take due interest in the matter and resolve this humanitarian problem on priority basis.

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