Wisdom of the youth

My mother said that if you become a soldier, you will be a General; if you become a monk, you’ll end up as the Pope; instead I became an artist and wound up as Picasso!” Wisdom of the Youth __ a bounty Picasso himself was bestowed with and something he throws light on in his lucubration. Every child is born an artist. The problem is to remain one when you grow up.
The years of youth are nourishing fresh, the senses not yet ensnared and the mind housing abstract ideas that the adult mind is unable to fathom. The horizon of thought is wide and the brain generates positive energy that radiates in all directions to bring about a change.
Modern advanced physics has proved that thoughts are a form of waves that carry particles of energy. This energy is able to bring about real and physical alterations.
The youth’s cerebra embraces the most inconceivable of possibilities and their mind is neither blinded nor narrowed by the worldly desires or plights that plague the lives of the adults.
The adults; what they see is initially processed by reason and logic and if its concept does not lie within their parameters, the vision is swivelled into oblivion. The youth continue to augment the figments of intellect they hold at every novel opportunity; in that, their wisdom lies in rather breaking the parameters of human logic to smithereens than the vision itself.
If you are a little lost, I can give you directions, “Second to the right and straight on till morning”- That’s what Peter told me was the way to Never land. One of Walt Disney’s favourite characters Peter Pan, a young lad who was free from the natural phenomenon of ageing. He travelled around the globe; adding each of his brilliant adventures to his chest of cherished lessons.

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