Will the party bring justice?

Nighat Leghari

The election campaign is on full swing. The meetings are taking place and rallies are on the move. A thrill and excitement overwhelms the whole country. The whole media is in a state of revelation and revelry; candid cameras are taking every move of the contestants. Intelegentia, the political observes and even the commoners are spell bound with the feats of conjurors contesters. People of Pakistan are fully aware of the past of both the major political parties which have brought havoc to the country and countrymen. In the catalogue of chares both the parties have a long list of charges.
Our politicians have no charter based on sympathies or sincerity for the countrymen. In the previous Govt the plight of the people had touched the lowest ebb. The PPP regime and its managers never produce peace of mind or better glory to the people or tried to minimize their sufferings. They brought high degree enhance to their deprivations instead all the powerful elite have been indulge in money minting motives and fraudulent extraction of wealth. Development funds were dished out to their favorites and kiths & kin and special ordinances were promulgated to provide maximum facilities of foreign tours and medical aid abroad to them.
No doubt the economy was already a bit in tatters yet PPP Govt managed to completely rip it apart the average fiscal deficit during the PPP’s of five years (FY 2009 – 2013) was 6.7 percent compared to a first deficit of 3.6 percent worsening deficit was wrought of generous distributive policies poor power management and high level of corruption. As the Transparency International reported the bad governance and evasion in taxes cost the base Rs. 8.5 trillion. If the figure for FY 2012-13 are included the average would be higher this rise in trade deficit which resulted in energy and power crisis. The un-reparable loses which the PPP regime has brought to the oppressed and simple people of Pakistan will unable them to come out of these losses brought to the people years for years.
All the five years, no heed was paid or no practice was done to utilize the rich natural resources of Pakistan which could provide a very honorable and satisfactory life style to the masses. The time which was the times of the people Mr. President spent it on his sprees for horsing and different cutting capers in the President House. With the skill of amazing twists and turns he succeed to attain the full period of five years in the guise of public well wisher. History will never forgive him. Now as the PPP managers know about their evil activities the slogan of convincing for votes is sung along with a parade of the coffins of Bhutoos.
I have no acquaintance personally or liking for Imran Khan but after going through his personal history book and prism of his party and his speeches I am of the view that he may be able to bring a positive and helpful change to the people of Pakistan, if he would have not been escorted by the flattering coterie in future. The major tendency of people’s for his views and vision in that he has taken the inspiration from Quran, Quaid-i-Azam and the teachings of a saint scholar Allama Iqbal. His thorough study of Quran and Allama Iqbal’s work make us assured that he will surely do nicely and strongly for the well being of the down trodden people of this country who are being crushed by the political leaders and military men consequently for years & years.
One more aspect of his life reveals the fact that when he came across with the fatal disease of his mother whom he loved too much and found himself helpless to stop her dying by inches, this was the incident which took him to his innerself and he twisted his angle of vision towards life and its affairs. Then with the support of teachings of Quran he came in a better position to understand the affairs of human beings. He says, due to lack of Islamic education our leaders don’t follow the examples of most austerely life style. Islamic Culture is rooted in spirituality which prevents human beings from greed of every kind. Islam enables us and supports us for following the path of principles and wins my people.
I want to practice them all. The Quran emphases on “Justice and Education” I have worked on both, I have give the name “Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf” to my party and have established educational institutions. Only these both missions can bring a happy revolution to our society. I have taken a guidance and inspiration from Quran I want to practice all the Islamic Principles, not the rituals and imitations. I believe in the original Islamic life style, which provides everyone peaceful and tension free life. I was taken as the west oriented person and it is true but certain incidents in my life converted me to my origin and it is Islam. The Holy Book is a gateway to all guidance for the human being but we conceived no wisdom from it and reduced its teachings only to a payer rug and outdated set of rituals to which the masses are historically addicted to it.
The Quaid-i-Azam Father of the Nation, was also taken as an westernised person but in fact he was a true Muslim, once he said, our salvation lies in adopting the Islamic commands. In Islamic system of Govt all the activities of a ruler are monitored to the masses no one can enjoy special privileges ruling group are servants to its peoples. Supreme command of the country should spend its life strictly according to the Islamic Law because we have achieved Pakistan on the basis of Islam. In Islamic system the treasury in reality is the property of the people and every member of the commonwealth is entitled to have an allowance out of the income of the state. Islamic state should based on justice social order and free from exploitation and providing equal opportunities to every citizens.
– The writer is a senior journalist based in Multan.

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