Will the State come good!



Zaheer Bhatti

THE entire country rose in condemnation over the brutal rape and murder of a seven year old Eve’s daughter and apathy if not collusion of the corrupt police force in this gory incident, bringing shame upon the entire nation which is supposed to be an Islamic Republic. While the hunt for the serial killer and rapist was on, several incidents all over the country triggered demand from all quarters including the child’s parents and Parliamentary Resolutions to publically hang or stone the beastly culprits to death in order to make an example of them and satisfy the aggrieved families. One expected Parliament to speedily enact legislation to remove any legal hindrance, and make it happen post-haste according to Quranic injunctions.
Ironically instead, with nearly a month lapsed since apprehending this slur on humanity, all one sees day in and day out, is the media house profiting from the tragedy with almost daily needless exposure of the victim’s photographs further agonizing the traumatized father running from pillar to post for justice besides the so-called ‘breaking news’ over TV channels about the various confessional accounts by the criminal. But it beats all logic why no one has bothered to get around the relatives of the criminal, his facilitators or accomplices by grilling him for the relevant information which was elementary to busting the gang. Even if the Shahid Masood story was a hoax, it would be very naive to believe that the sexually berated swine had been acting on his own and without support.
When the criminal was apprehended after a fortnight’s manhunt, the Chief Minister of Punjab chose to stage a Press Conference to credit the corrupt Police Force rather than admonishing them over their criminal apathy and negligence in the first instance. But it was sad the other day to hear the Chief Justice of Pakistan bound by the Country’s Colonial Laws, obliquely conveying that much as it would be his personal wish also, the criminal may not be publically hanged due to prevalent laws. This clearly suggests that the Parliamentarians are not pushed to enact Laws authorizing deterrent punishment in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah, which exposes the hypocrisy of the much touted man-made Constitution which otherwise claims that no Laws repugnant to Quranic injunctions shall be framed.
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is today Islamic only in name, has come to this pass because of inroads allowed to be made in its social fabric by forces inimical to Islam fashioning themselves as liberals in the name of ‘Ijtehaad’ to start with, but actually aiming to neutralize the spirit of tolerance, compassion and justice epitomized by the great Faith which makes no distinction of caste, color or creed. Nothing is more secular in the true sense of the word than Islam but the intrusion seeks to demonize the wholesomely crafted Muslim Society by providence through the last of his Messengers. If you sift past human history through the pages of the Quran, you will find many such attempts by sets of satanic protagonists ultimately decimated on God’s command, with the remains of such societies serving as chastening examples for mankind even today.
Those who claim scholarship of the Quran must take the blame for failing to enlighten the younger Pakistani generations in their impressionable years and inspire them to adopt its teachings. Is it not tragic that despite continuing attempts by the Zionists to distort and discredit the Islamic polity more and more people across the world are embracing Islam, but back home Pakistan is being made to sink into the depth of human degradation in the name of fundamental rights, women’s empowerment and freedom of expression and conduct, with the so-called emancipated modernist lot in the society including the media thriving upon news of elopement and romancing with broken marriages becoming the norm, and making the female body an exhibition piece for the public through ads and catwalks.
The Pakistani media which one expects to serve as a beacon of light and pathfinder for the impressionable generations, is seen trampling all norms of dignity and talking about catering to public taste without filtering the undesirable, whereas even the West from where modern media emanates, places Parental Guidance (PG) restriction for different age groups. The social media has added to the disaster with a free-for-all proliferation of promiscuous and pornographic material accessible to all homes and age groups without let or hindrance.
What good does one expect of a dysfunctional polity where handsome young Naqibullah, a father of three darling kids from the fast normalizing Waziristan Agency is gunned down in a fake encounter in Karachi and the authorities are unable even to arrest the main accused SSP Rao Anwaar who makes a mockery of the State Agencies while continuing to communicate to the press via whatsapp; where despite passage of over a year the apprehended killers of Mishaal in Peshawar University are still to be brought to justice and Asma’s assassin at large; where the Principal of a College is shot dead by a misdirected student reacting to advice against attending political protests; where young Intezar is killed by plain-clothed sleuths of a police officer on the roadside in the heart of the Capital town, while reportedly driving in the company of a girl dissuading him from another female sought by the officer; where countless underage Zainabs are molested, raped and killed and law enforcement remains paralyzed.
I have no doubt in my mind that most crimes are committed with the connivance or protection of the Police in Pakistan. It indeed is the responsibility of the parents to guard, educate, caution and protect their wards in the Society which is increasingly exposed to street crimes and moral decadence, but the State machinery; particularly its Police Force will have to pull up its socks and ensure safety of life, honour and property of its people, as it cannot hedge behind the excuse that it was a worldwide phenomenon.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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