We will forget Zainab!

Such reprehensible act happened again in Kasur. Children sexual abuses are rising. Zainab lost her life and the tragedy pointed out the negligence of the authorities. The poor girl was abducted for about five days and the police could not do anything. There are a number of mishaps that have occurred in the land of the great Sufi saint Baba Bulleh Shah. The case of seven-year-old Zainab is a brutal truth to acknowledge and explores a sorry state of being for the entire nation including the leaders. This incident was the 12th one near the victim’s house within a year. Kasur, unfortunately, has become the hub of child abuses where things remained irrepressible for the police primarily owing to its own impulsiveness. Kasur child abuse scandal is enough to give one goose bumps. Hundreds of children, at least 280, were disgraced when they were not only physically abused but their videos were recorded to pressurize their kith and kin not to open up their mouths. The hype that this case got on media is commendable, but certainly this is not going to last longer. With the passage of every day, our society is getting brutal; the savages are protected and the gap between rich and the poor is mounting. With happy-go-lucky leaders, the society cannot attain serenity and tranquillity. Moreover, justice and accountability through it are the two most vital factors mandatory at this moment. Let’s wait for the moment when the killers of Zainab will be brought to justice and the rate of such crimes touches to the lowest point. Nonetheless, I am afraid that before justice is served, another incident might have happened and the society including media and state machinery would have forgotten this one.

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