Wildlife in Pakistan

Pakistan has the worst animal extinction rate within the world. Habitat loss, environmental degradation, illegal trade and climate changes are among the most alarming challenges faced by wildlife in Pakistan. Because of this problem wildlife species are also being affected. A greater threat to wildlife is deforestation, loss of habitat and hunting. Many animals in Pakistan like Asian black sheep, Markhor, Chakor, Indus river dolphin and many others are near to extinct. Destruction of this ecosystem represents a risk not just to plants and wildlife, but also to human beings. It is estimated that at least 12% of the flora is threatened and several of the faunal species are threatened too. To protect endangered wildlife and minimize human animal conflicts, the eco-sociological perspective or the human factor need to be made an important stakeholder in the process of conversation. Rather than recording what species are near to extinction a reasonable supposition would be to save our animals and forests. We can’t afford to walk away and accept this as the status quo.

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