WIBC announces 2nd series of Leaderboard

Islamabad—The performance assessment framework will help Islamic financial institutions assess their ranking and performance in comparison to their competitors. The WIBC Performance Indicator will form the basis of the annually anticipated WIBC Performance Awards that will be announced at the WIBC Gala Dinner on 6th December 2016.
The WIBC Leaderboard is the performance assessment that will provide rankings of the top Islamic banks and financial institutions based on a variety of robust financial and governance metrics such as asset growth, return on equity, return on assets, disclosures, and corporate social responsibility. The Leaderboard will provide industry participants a visually engaging view of Islamic banks to compare themselves with their peers at the global, regional and national levels across several dimensions. In addition to the individual metrics, banks will also be ranked on the basis of an aggregate score, which forms the apex of the WIBC Leaderboard. This aggregate index holistically ranks entities on the basis of the aforementioned financial and governance measures. The Leaderboard will therefore act as a benchmark for Islamic banks to estimate their performance against the top performing banks in the industry.
The data employed in creating the assessment framework has been sourced from the ICD Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator and Bankscope.—Agencies

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