Why was I marked absent?

A few days ago, news was trending that a student in Charsadda, shot his college principal because he (student) was marked absent as he was attending a sit-in of a religious party. Darkest side of the picture was that the boy was not regretful of his act and was adamant to be on right side, and claimed that by marking him absent when he was in a religious gathering, his teacher commits blasphemy. Where we are moving? Is this Islam has taught us?
In our beloved country, approximately 65 people are murdered annually on the basis of blasphemy allegations. They are not given the right of fair trial and are being murdered on the spot which is contrary to Islam’s ideology and teachings. Our respected Ulema and scholars should educate the society. The government should also make laws and amendments regarding this issue so that in future such cases can be stopped/minimized. Everyone should be taught that the “right to punish” is completely the authority of the State.

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